13 issues of Beshara Magazine were published between 1987 and 1991. Like the current digital magazine, it was an attempt to express the principles of Beshara in the widest possible context.

Its subtitle on later issues, ‘A unified perspective in the contemporary world’, expressed its basic purpose: to look at how the principle of unity was emerging in areas such as science, politics and economics; in ecumenical movements within religions; and an increasing awareness of esoteric wisdom traditions in general.

The entire print archive is now available to download for free. Click on the cover of an issue below to begin reading.


Issue 1

Bulent Rauf: To Suggest a Vernacular…
Rupert Sheldrake: The Presence of the Past
Dom Sylvester Houedard: The Question About Questions
Richard Twinch: Memory and the Brain

Issue 2

Rupert Sheldrake: The Presence of the Past – Part 2
Abraham Abadi: A Consideration of Anthropocentrism
Richard Waddington: An Intimation of Beauty
Adam Dupre: The Meaning of Esoteric Education

Issue 3

An Obituary of Bulent Rauf
Dr R.W.J Austin: Poverty and Self-Sufficiency
Dr Rom Harre: Ontology and Physics
Christopher Ryan: A Journey in Ottoman Turkey

Issue 4

Paul Ekins: The Living Economy
Bulent Rauf: Addresses
Prof. B Goodwin: Rumbling the Replicator
Richard Twinch: The Evolution Conundrum

Issue 5

Michael Shallis: Science, Religion and the Symbolic World
Robert Muller: The United Nations
Brian Keeble: The poetry of Vernon Watkins

Issue 6

Kathleen Raine: The Puer Bernis
Peter Young: The New
John Barrow: The New Cosmology
Willis Harman: For a New Society, a New Economics

Issue 7

Compassion Through Understanding
A Tribute to Sinan
All Things Go in Pairs
Going Out, I Found That I Was Really Going In

Issue 8

Mae-Wan Ho: Reanimating Nature
Martin Notcutt: The Club of Rome
Simon Blackwood: Painting as a Means of Expression

Issue 9

Ilya Prigogine: The Rediscovery of Time
Kathleen Raine: W.B Yeats and The New Age
Irene Young: The Speech of Chief Seattle
Jane Clark: Religions and the Environment

Issue 10

Raimon Panikkar: Making a Bridge to the Unknown
Rubert Sheldrake: Life in a Living World
Richard Twinch: What a Way to Leave the Solar System!

Issue 11

Dance as a Means of Expression
The Emperor’s New Mind
The Bequest of Beatrice
Not to Bring us To Heaven…

Issue 12

Prof. Brian Goodwin: The Generative Order of Life
Cecilia Twinch: To Be Heard, Read and Seen
Stephen Hirtenstein: Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi

Issue 13

A Meeting Between Brothers
Gary Davies
Yoshi Oida
Sister Wendy Beckett