A Thing of Beauty…

David Hyams describes the creation of a new ark for the Synagogue in Oxford, UK.

“The proposal was that the patterns on the ark could be produced by the sound of the congregation at prayer.”

A Thing of Beauty…

Emma Clark visits the Luohan at the Temple Gallery in London

“This majestic and profound sculpture is both timeless and deeply meaningful in its capacity to give us an insight into what it means to be human.”

A Thing of Beauty…

Mark Boston reflects on painting the film Loving Vincent

“The entire movement of the world sometimes seems an endless, elaborately painted masterpiece, with every moment in a slightly different configuration from the last.”

A Thing of Beauty…

David Apthorp praises the Sokollu Mehmet Pasha Mosque in Istanbul

“Standing here, before the plain, unadorned mihrab, it as if one has been brought to some ultimate secret.”

A Thing of Beauty…

Graham Falvey visits the Chauvet Caves in Southern France

“The fundamental fact is that with these paintings, we created/discovered art. At the heart of their mystery lies a spiritual quest for understanding…”

A Thing of Beauty…

Barbara Vellacott contemplates the indescribability of beauty in Dante’s Paradiso

“Beauty is a divine vibration which sings in poet, poem, reader and listener. But its essence is nevertheless indescribable.”

A Thing of Beauty…

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

“The circumference of architecture is changing with astonishing rapidity but its center remains unchanged – the human heart.”

A Thing of Beauty…

James Turrell’s Berlin Installation

“Here the invitation is to something less cosmic, more personal.”

A Thing of Beauty…

Chagall’s Peace Window

“Unity is not achievable when it is conceived as merely bringing together a collection of parts. It requires a more comprehensive vision.”